5 Training Gear To Help You Be A Great Pitcher

Baseball pitchers today are throwing harder and are becoming more unhittable than ever. There’s more to being a great pitcher than just throwing the ball when it comes to baseball. You need to be in shape and have the right training gear to have a competitive edge.

From radar guns to speed pitch cages, here are five essential pieces of gear for any pitcher who wants to be great.

Take Advantage of the Radar Gun

Every pitcher knows the importance of having a good fastball. It’s what makes or breaks you as a pitcher and can be quite intimidating when you’re on the mound. Knowing how fast your ball is going is essential, which is why every serious pitcher has to invest in a radar gun.

While some may not see its effectiveness, it does help. It’s an inexpensive tool that tells you when your fastball needs work. It’s also the best training gear any pitcher should have when it comes to monitoring their progress.

Consider Using Pitcher Cages

Pitcher cages are great training tools for both young and even professional pitchers. It allows you to practice pitching while protecting other people from getting hit by the ball. For small children, it gives them a safe place to practice throwing and catching baseballs.

Even more, experienced pitchers can use this piece of equipment to work on their wide variety of pitches without worrying about anyone getting hit.

Don’t Forget About the Glove

When people think about pitching, they usually just think of the ball. They don’t take into consideration that there’s so much more to it than just throwing the ball. The importance of having a strong glove can never be underestimated.

Depending on what position you play, your glove will feel different. The catcher needs a larger glove that can protect them from the impact of the ball. On the other hand, a pitcher’s glove is a little smaller and easier to maneuver, but it doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Instead, treat yourself to a new one when yours starts getting worn down.

Get Baseball Resistance Bands

To have a strong arm, you have to work your muscles out. Resistance bands are the perfect way to increase strength over time gradually. They’re inexpensive and can get very intense if you want them to!

Since they use your body weight as resistance, it makes it easy for anyone of any size to use them. If you’re serious about becoming a better pitcher, resistance bands are a great option to consider getting.

Strike Strings

Last but not least, you can’t neglect your pitching mechanics. This means working on your release point and arm slot. One way to practice an arm slot is by throwing with strike strings.

Although they don’t look like much, these strings improve your game by letting you know where the strikes are at all times. It’s a great way to assert dominance and show your opponents that you’re in control.

Bottom Line

Becoming a great pitcher takes more than just practicing with the ball. You need to invest in the right training gear and commit to your training routine. These five pieces of essential gear should make your training easier and help you succeed on the mound.

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