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Radar Guns to Satisfy Your Need for Speed Data

If you’re looking for high-quality and accurate radar guns for sale, then Radar Sports is the place for you. Our shop carries all types of velocity measuring equipment, from radar speed guns to sports speed guns. We carry various types of radar guns for use by amateur hobbyists, professional sports coaches, law enforcement, and everyone else in between. Radar Sports also has speed pitch cages and inflatable sports booths for marketing or fan participation events. Contact our knowledgeable and courteous staff for more details on our extensive list of products.

Find what you need right here on our user-friendly website by browsing through the different categories of our products. Whether it’s for sports or law enforcement, radar guns or speed pitch cages, we make it easier for you to find. For more information, you can contact one of knowledgeable professionals at (800) 914-4008, or email us at We ship internationally.

Sports Applications

A baseball radar speed gun is one of our most popular sports products, offering accurate readings for applications ranging from little league practices to professional sports stat analysis. This can be applied to softball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and golf as well. Popular brands with our sports customers include the Ball Coach Radar device for personal practice use, as well as the Jugs and Stalker Radar Gun for major league scouts and coaches. The most advanced sports radar gun is the Stalker Pro II +. This radar gun adds a new faster processor and wireless connectivity to scoreboards, speed signs, mobile applications as well as your own proprietary programs.

We also carry an extensive selection of radar guns with display boards for participant and fan viewing. For more information about our sports radar guns and other products categorized by sport, simply click on the icon for the sport you are interested in.

Traffic Enforcement Applications

Police speed guns from Radar Sports are available as a handheld directional gun or as dash mount unit and are the lowest price you can find on the internet through our store, making us the #1 choice for law enforcement agencies. Accurate and portable professional police radar guns from Radar Sports are easy to store, and easy to recharge as many come with a cigarette input charger.

One popular radar gun among law enforcement is the Scout 2 Police Hand Held radar gun which is available right now from Radar Sports.

The Scout 2 delivers outstanding range and precision accuracy while maintaining an extremely low-power output level. Its advanced Digital Signal Processing allows you to acquire and lock in on a target in the blink of an eye. On this 2.8 Inch LCD display, the largest offered in today’s market on a hand-held police radar gun, the Scout 2’s over and under speed display simultaneously shows fast and strong speed targets. This Hand-Held Directional radar gun includes a 3 Year full warranty- Longest in the radar gun market.

In addition to our speed guns for police officers, we sell radar speed limit signs, speed dollies, and speed trailers to install in school zones, gated communities, construction area or anywhere traffic speed is an issue. These signs display the posted speed limit, as well as the driver’s current speed to encourage all drivers to “slow down”. These units can be mounted or on a trailer for portable use.

Marketing Opportunities with Sports Booths

At Radar Sports, we also offer inflatable booths and cages with professionally printed custom sports backdrops and logos. These sports game booths are easy to set up and can be paired with a radar gun and electronic display board to measure the speed of a participant’s pitch, kick or shot in an incredibly fun way. Major league sports franchises, corporations and marketing companies purchase our speed pitch cages and inflatable sport games for fan participation and entertainment.

Radar Sports is the leading authority for all your speed measurement equipment needs. If it’s a radar gun you want, you’ve found the place. Radar Sports has just about every type of radar gun for every need, from speed guns for amateur hobbyists to sports radar guns for analysts. We also have speed pitch cages and inflatable sports booths for marketing or fan participation events. It doesn’t even have to be for sports applications. If you need a radar gun for law enforcement purposes, you’ll find it at Radar Sports.

Feel free to browse our extensive inventory of radar guns, which we’ve organized into different categories to help you find the radar gun you desire, with ease. For information on any of our radar guns for sale, contact our knowledgeable and courteous staff at (800) 914-4008, or email us at

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