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The Bushnell Velocity II Laser Sport Speed Gun is the perfect speed measurement device for use on the sidelines.

Whether it is for baseball, softball or car racing just aim, pull and release the trigger. The LCD display will instantly display the fastest speed of the object you aimed at.

Within milliseconds, the Bushnell Velocity II gives you an accurate speed between 10 and 200 miles per hour. Customized software, sophisticated algorithms and the highly sensitive transmitter/receiver make the Velocity II accurate to 1 mph.

This radar gun is compact and easy to fit in your hand, with an ergonomically designed pistol grip. It is powered by 2 C cell batteries which provide up to 20 hours of use.

The Velocity II uses Doppler Radar for instant, real time measurements.

For balls an effective range is 90 feet for speed measurements between 10 and 110 mph. For cars and large vehicles it measures accurately at 1,500 feet with speeds between 10 and 200 mph.

The Bushnell Velocity II Laser Sport Speed Gun is accurate, portable and easy to use. It comes ready for normal use on the baseball diamond or the race track, tennis court or the hockey rink.

If the question is how fast an object is going, the answer is the Bushnell Velocity II Laser Sport Speed Gun.

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