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DragonEye Speed Guns are effective on the road and in the courtroom. Law enforcement agencies nationwide depend on LIDAR speed guns to detect and deter reckless drivers.

From private security firms to the military, DragonEye is the right choice to measure and record speed and movement.

DragonEye offers the latest innovations and renowned dependability. From beyond a half mile away, the DragonEye can acquire and register a car speed in 0.3 seconds. A continuous tracking history is maintained to measure speeds from 5 to up to 200 mph.

Its anti-jamming technology will defeat every attempt a driver can use to evade or escape detection.

DragonEye has a true color, heads-up-display ad an Auto-on Backlight for a higher resolution matrix. Weighing only 2.5 pounds, the DragonEye is easy to deploy and aim. Officers will be able to select a single individual car within traffic to accurately determine its speed. Within a second, a reading worthy of any court of law will be recorded and displayed. LIDAR can accurately measure speed through all weather conditions.

If you can see the car, within a second DragonEye can determine its speed. Whether the targeted vehicle is coming towards DragonEye or pulling away, the speed will be measured, recorded and be certifiably accurate.With three different modes you can measure and record through rain, fog and snow. DragonEye is an essential tool for every law enforcement agency.

The DragonEye is lightweight, waterproof, durable and shock resistant. One set of C- Cell Alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries will last over 25 hours.

Every DragonEye uses LIDAR Technology. This Light Detection And Ranging technology uses laser light to determine speed and distance, down to the resolution of 0.10 of a foot. The readings are easy to see on the True Color HUD Heads-Up-Display. Highly advanced features that include obstruction mode, anti-jamming, on-board datal logging and cloud storage options make the DragonEye Speed Lidar the most advanced leader in speed enforcement.

Having a speed radar gun is essential for traffic enforcement and for getting accurate speed measurement. Using a DragonEye means you made the smart choice

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