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The Electronic Hockey Net can bring excitement and competition to your hockey practices and

games. It is an amazing teaching tool, letting players and coaches measure accuracy . With

Marketing and Advertising, it can be used during intermissions for fan competitions and

promotions. There are even 8 lighted panels on the front of the net suitable for promotional

advertising. The Electronic Hockey Net could eventually pay for itself.

The Electronic Hockey Net is the size of a standard goal, but the face has been divided into 9

target sections. These light up and are programmable on an internal microcomputer. Feedback is

then provided to a digital display.

In practice, shooting skills can be improved through a series of interactive challenges. Reaction

time and quickness can be enhanced. By recording the results of each hockey shot, which are

displayed on LED lights, a player’s progress can be measured and improved. This Electronic

Hockey Net is a coaching tool on any level of the sport.

The Electronic Hockey Net comes programmed in five modes, including shooting games which

will electrify your practices.

A two player Tic-Tac-Toe competition employs a red and white light. The winner must get three

hits in a row.

Face Off and Rapid Fire are competitions involving speed, accuracy and improved reaction


Speed Skating is a way to have the Net become part of stick handling routines and shooting

drills. The Electronic Hockey Net will put new life into your teams’ legs because it fosters

competition and reinforces drive.

The additional purchase of a sports radar gun can add another dimension to the electronic hockey


Help your team score by purchasing an Electronic Hockey Net.

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