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Hardball and softball have more differences than the size of the ball. The pitcher’s mound could

not be more opposite. Baseball coaches looking to have their young prospects pitch off a proper

mound usually find the neighborhood practice fields feature a well-worn rut dug by softball


The Four Inch Economy Youth Mound is an easily transportable mound that young pitchers can

throw from. Pitching off these portable pitching mounds during games allows young arms to use

a regular pitching motion. They are not throwing upward from a ditch or flat footed on a field.

On diamonds where a mound already exists, the Youth Mound is a portable bullpen, offering

relief pitchers a proper place to warm up.

Youth level leagues are all about developing young talent. The Four Inch Economy Youth

Mound levels the playing field by offering a sturdy, steady, certified height to throw from. At

home or on the field, the Youth Mound is an essential part of pitching and is a key baseball

training equipment item. Skills learned while young can benefit these players throughout their


Having a portable pitching mound will make pitching clinics more game-like. Practice on the

sidelines will have a real feel. Proper leg motion is instrumental in the delivery of a strike. The

Four Inch Economy Youth Mound offers a coach the right tool to help kids take those first

positive steps forward.

Hank Aaron once said, “The pitcher has got only a ball. I’ve got a bat. So the percentage in

weapons is in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting.”

That’s why in baseball the pitcher is given the mound. They need the high ground to get the guy

with the bat out.

Give your young pitchers the Four Inch Youth Mound to level the playing field.

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