Guide to Speed Radar Guns in Car Racing and Law Enforcement

speed radar gun is used to detect the speed of objects through electromagnetic waves that bounce off the targeted object. It can be handheld or placed on a tripod or the ground and works by using a radio transmitter that has an amplifier that helps increase the electromagnetic energy’s intensity as the antenna transmits it in the air. It can record peak velocity that’s why it comes in handy in many sports like baseball, tennis, and car racing.

Here are some speed radar guns usually used in  sports, law enforcement, and car racing:

3 Common Car Racing Speed Radar Guns

  • Handheld Radar Guns

Handheld radar guns are portable and designed to be aimed at an approaching vehicle to record its speed. Some handheld radar guns feature removable handles that allow them to be placed on a dashboard. They feature wireless technology with a faster processor, and some can also connect with your mobile phone so you’ll see the velocity and video imaging.

Its speed measurement is nearly instantaneous and features complex calculations in determining speed. However, some obstructions like a net, fence or gun movement can interfere with the view and result in a missed reading. Usually, a small shift in position can rectify it, as they’re highly sensitive to other devices that can emit vibrations and frequencies.

For instance, in law enforcement, officers are always in close proximity but can interfere with the alternator, radio, or other mechanical noises nearby.

  • Photo Radar System

This system works with a camera. They’re usually mounted along the road to take speed reading of the cars. In law enforcement, it’s commonly used for checking speed limits in everyday traffic. It’s automatically triggered when the speed limit is detected, and a speeding ticket will be mailed to the driver.

  • Radar Gun with LED

This professional-grade speed radar provides interactive feedback. It’s also affordable and has an accuracy of +/- 1 MPH. It sends a signal simultaneously on the LED display boards, so all participants can see instant feedback. The LEDs can also be displayed up to 200 feet away from the gun, so everyone at the event can see the speeds from all directions.

This kind of radar gun is also popular with baseball events as it provides an opportunity to practice with baseball training equipment and also shows the team’s pitching skills. Some speed radar guns can measure the speed of objects as small as a baseball from up to 90 feet away and can measure car speeds as far as 1,500 feet.

To ensure accurate readings, make sure they’re properly calibrated to prevent false records especially if you’re doing it for large events or law enforcement. The person handling it should also be trained to operate the equipment to avoid mistakes.

High-Quality Speed Radar Guns

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