How Can Sure Shot Lidar Gun Help NY Traffic Patrolling?

Did you know that lidar guns can measure vehicle speeds in miles per hour with incredible precision by measuring the frequency shift of the laser beam? This has revolutionized traffic enforcement strategies.

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an innovative remote sensing technology that uses laser pulses to measure distances and speed and create detailed 3D models accurately. Law enforcement officers use lidar guns, which utilize advanced laser-based technology, to measure vehicle speeds with accuracy and reliability. This enables officers to identify and deter speed violators effectively.

Sure Shot Lidar Gun is a trusted brand in traffic enforcement, offering numerous features to help officers detect violations efficiently. Learn more about Sure Shot Lidar Gun, its features, and how it can help in traffic-heavy locations like New York.

About Sure Shot Lidar Gun

Sure Shot Lidar Radar gun is the gold standard for traffic enforcement. It delivers unmatched performance and unwavering precision in detecting overspeeding, even in the rain.

Designed with longevity in mind, Sure Shot Lidar Gun boasts a robust construction featuring:

  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • HUD cover
  • Impact-resistant ABS handle
  • Front and rear rubber bumpers

Sure Shot Lidar Gun’s Features for Efficient Traffic Enforcement

Sure Shot Lidar Gun offers various advanced features specifically designed to meet the demands of traffic enforcement in New York. It is equipped with cutting-edge functionalities that enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Rain Mode

The Rain Mode feature ensures consistent accuracy in inclement weather by mitigating the impact of rain on target acquisition. This capability allows officers to rely on precise readings in any weather, ensuring reliable enforcement this rainy season.

Obstruction Mode

Congested areas can be challenging to navigate, especially in the rain. This is when vehicles move slowly or get parked on the side roads, which can cause obstructions.

Sure Shot Lidar Gun’s Obstruction Mode provides accurate readings in scenarios where obstructions, such as trees or other vehicles, block the view of the target.

High-Capacity Internal Memory

Efficient data management is essential for effective law enforcement. Sure Shot Lidar Gun features a high-capacity internal memory, allowing officers to capture and store up to 500 shot logs without frequent data transfers or concerns about running out of storage space.

Built-in USB Port

Sure Shot Lidar Gun has a built-in USB port streamlining data management processes. This feature allows officers to download shot log data while on the go. With the radar gun’s fast and effortless data transfer capabilities, the police can maintain accurate records and optimize their workflow, rain or shine.


Sure Shot Lidar Gun prioritizes user comfort and usability. Its improved ergonomics minimize wrist fatigue thanks to a forward-sweeping handle that provides exceptional balance. It also has a user-friendly design that enables seamless operation under various lighting conditions.

The forward-facing placement ensures compatibility for gloved-, right- and left-handed individuals, accommodating diverse user preferences. It is also the only lidar gun today that offers an intuitive backlit touch screen menu.

Equip Your Team With Sure Shot Lidar Gun Today

Accurate speed detection is paramount to maintaining road safety on New York’s busy streets. Traffic enforcers must be able to track and apprehend traffic violators regardless of the weather. Equipping them with a lidar gun is critical in improving road safety.

Radar Sports LLC is a trusted supplier of top-of-the-line speed guns in the United States. We partner with the leading brands in the industry to provide the best products for traffic enforcement, including Sure Shot Lidar Gun.

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