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Don’t let rain and bad weather put your pitchers off their game.  Provide them with the indoor Pro Practice Mound, so no matter the weather, they can practice in game like conditions.

Pitchers throw from the mound for a reason.  That 6” advantage makes the difference between throwing and pitching, preparing or just playing around.  Prepare young players for real game conditions, no matter the season or weather.  The Indoor Pro Practice Mound provides the professional feel players need to grow.

Resilient polyethylene foam and simulated rubber coverings make the Pro Practice a strong, durable and safe piece of essential equipment.  It is full bodied construction.  This allows pitchers to transfer their weight directly to the floor.  There is no sliding or shifting.  Just thoroughly dry the area under the portable mound and it will be secure.

The Pro Practice Mound give players the solid footing they need to give it their all.  The landing area is specially cushioned to reduce the stress on pitchers legs.  This reduces the chance of leg and knee injuries.

The Pro Practice Mound is versatile and easy to store.  It is designed for gym floors, without a worry for scratching or wear.  The mound is built into 2 strong sections, each 50 pounds.  They interlock to provide a firm feel to the entire portable mound.  Once disassembled it needs only a 13’ X 49” X 57” space for storage.

Baseball is meant for the outdoors.  But when indoors, the Indoor Pro Practice Mound can make practice more professional and motivating.  Put your pitchers on the mound, inside or out.

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