Need for Speed: Velocity is in Vogue Among Young Pitchers

Hard-throwing pitchers have always been an object of baseball fascination. Negro Leagues star Charles Wilbur Logan, for instance, threw so hard that everyone knew him as “Bullet Joe” — a nickname that would land him a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Rapid upper arm rotation is one of the fastest motions that the human body can produce. For some professional pitchers, the movement can go up to nine thousand degrees of rotation per second. In fact, a baseball can travel from the mound to the plate in as fast as one-third of a second!

High Pitch Speed: A Sign of Exceptional Talent

During the 1990s, the home run was king during a baseball game. Today, the fastball reigns supreme. From the 2002 Major League Baseball fastball velocity of 89 mph, the 2015 season shows that the pitch speeds average at about 92 mph these days. As players get bigger, stronger, and taller, athletes are bumping up their fastballs in a bid to show off their talent and get noticed.

Better Pitching for a Better Future

Parents of young athletes are preparing for their child’s future, too. They are encouraging them to throw an explosive fastball in the hopes of a better college scholarship. As a result, pitchers are becoming more proactive in building strength in areas of the body that can improve their throwing skills. Since velocity comes from the ground up, players are strengthening their core to transfer energy more efficiently and throw with better accuracy and speed.

Accurate Speed Measurement in Baseball

With the increased need for speedy stunts to satisfy the audience’s appetite comes the challenge of accurately measuring the speed of a pitched ball. Fortunately, at Radar Sports, LLC, we cater to your speed measurement equipment needs. Our Stalker radar guns for sale will give you the proper velocity feedback, together with a clear display to cater to participant needs and fan viewing.

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