Pitching Like Babe Ruth: What Does It Take to Become a Great Athlete?

George Herman Ruth, Jr. is a formidable figure in the history of American baseball. He exuded total confidence and, at the same time, demonstrated that he is someone that every other American can relate to. Major League coaches and scouts have to keep this in mind when working with their athletes. After all, what’s a better path to greatness than the one taken by America’s beloved pitcher?

Having said that, here are a few lessons from Babe Ruth that can turn any dedicated individual into a great athlete.

Focus on What Contributes to Growth

Ruth didn’t have it easy when he was young. But when he was at St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, he met Brother Matthias who introduced him to the game of baseball.

Brother Matthias taught the young boy how to read, write, and swing in the trademark Babe Ruth way. From there, Ruth developed his love for baseball, often practicing how to pitch properly and how to hit home runs. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, he put all his energy into his newfound love for the sport and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the minor league.

This is something that coaches and athletes alike can learn from. Rather than dwelling on your failures or your lack, focus on what will improve your skills or elevate your status.

Everyone has their own opportunities, some better than others. But it doesn’t matter how great or fleeting an opportunity is. What matters is that you make the most of it and keep moving forward. Like Babe Ruth did, keep your eyes on the ball. Focus on what can make you better and lead you to the larger playing field. Don’t let distractions get in the way.

Keep the Passion Alive

The fear of failure should not stop anyone from reaching their dreams. Babe Ruth himself reminds fellow baseball athletes to never let the fear of striking out get in the way of reaching one’s full potential. But how can an individual overcome that fear and realize how great they can be?

If there’s one lesson we should learn from Babe Ruth, it is to look beyond fear and, instead, channel passion. Whether someone is a pitcher or a batter, they always have to swing as hard as they can and with everything they’ve got. And whether it is during training or at the most important match of the season, athletes always have to give 100 percent. By keeping their passion for the game alive, baseball players will challenge themselves to be better than they currently are.

Train Using the Best Equipment

All great athletes must start somewhere to reach the pinnacle of their career. Babe Ruth himself trained nonstop to achieve his famed skillset. As such, Major League scouts and coaches look for the best ways to develop the skills of baseball players everywhere. These include the right type of equipment for training.

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