Stalker Radar Guns for Sale

Stalker is an internationally renowned brand of radar guns, speed signs, and other velocity measurement equipment. We’re happy to offer their products at Radar Sports, from the standalone Stalker Pro II baseball radar gun to Stalker-brand LED display boards, and more. We also have a few product packages, so you can purchase everything you need in one go.

When reading speed metrics in baseball, you need the most accurate results. With the help of a powerful 34.7 GHz Ka-Band Doppler radar, Stalker radar guns give you reliable and precise results such as velocity feedback all on a clear LED display. In practice or games, you won’t need anything more. We also have spare battery packs for sale for long games.

Because we want you to have the best, we offer you the best: Stalker radar guns are renowned in the industry for being one of the most sophisticated pieces of velocity measurement equipment commercially available. Their brand pioneered technologies that are now the standard in velocity measurement; among these techniques are Automatic VSS calibration, the use of K-band and Ka-band radar, multiple zone monitoring, and many more.

Designed for Major League scouts and coaches, Stalker-brand equipment is widely used in developing the skills of professional baseball players. Coaches rely on the highly accurate readings of Stalker radar guns to improve their pitcher’s throwing arm, and talent scouts use it to find and assess new talents.

Stalker baseball radar guns, LED display boards, battery packs, and the brand’s other products deliver reliable performance, for hours on end. A trusted manufacturer with a trusted distributor, you’ll get proper service at Radar Sports and radar guns that will not disappoint. Get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

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