Radar Guns to Monitor Speeds in Schools and Communities

It is the responsibility of school districts and community homeowners’ associations to ensure that school zones and neighborhood streets are safe for everyone. Speeding vehicles are a menace to these environments, putting both pedestrians and other motorists at risk.

While it’s ideal to have traffic enforcers wherever they are needed, it is impossible to have one in every street. A more cost-efficient solution would be to install speed trailers to make motorists mindful of their driving speeds.

What Is a Speed Trailer?

Speed trailers are portable speed detector machines mounted on a trailer bed. Speed trailers have wheels for easy transport, ground anchors for stability, and a large LED screen that displays a passing car’s speed. As such, they’re an excellent solution for reminding motorists of their responsibility to slow down when going through streets and zones with low-speed driving limits.

The trailers also display the speed limit next to, above, or below the LED screen. This is to emphasize how much faster drivers are exceeding the speed limit.

Speed trailers are created with the same technology used for radar guns for baseball matches and training. They work the same way: point them at the moving object, and the detectors will measure the speed by miles per hour.

As a trusted supplier of radar guns, Radar Sports, LLC supplies speed trailers for traffic enforcement. We carry the OnSite 300 MX Speed Trailer, which possesses all the features mentioned above, including:

  • An LED display that can show speeds of up to 199 mph
  • A display that also shows graphics and messages (pre-loaded with 18 messages, 13 Spanish messages, and 14 graphic images)
  • A steel-frame trailer with lightweight aluminum holding up the LED display
  • Four (4) 2,000lbs. leveling jacks, which also double as anchors for the trailer
  • Two (2) 6-volt 225 AH batteries

The OnSite 300 MX has four speed-based event triggers: Blank (no vehicles passing), Speed Limit (a passing vehicle is under the speed limit), Warning 1, and Warning 2 (two thresholds for speeds over the limit). The speed trailer automatically generates responses (e.g., emits flashing lights and alerts police enforcement) depending on which trigger is set off.

The Caveat with Using Speed Trailers in Public Streets

There’s no denying the usefulness of speed trailers, but they operate with the assumption that drivers will comply with the traffic rules once they see that they need to slow down. These are simply speed monitoring machines with no policing power; the last is still in the hands of traffic enforcement.

You might ask, don’t speed trailers have cameras? Many do, but that’s because the people behind their installation added high-definition CCTV as an extra feature specifically to help enforcers catch speeding drivers.

Road safety should always be a priority, especially in school campuses and residential areas. These streets should be safe to walk around in for children, older adults, and people with disabilities. Campuses, communities, and homeowners’ associations can take the initiative on this matter by coordinating with local enforcers, purchasing speed trailers, and equipping the machines with cameras and alert warnings to the nearest law enforcement headquarters.

Get in touch with Radar Sports, LLC, to learn more about the OnSite 300 MX Speed Trailer’s features. Call 1-800-914-4008 or contact us via email.

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