Radar Speed Dolly: A Valuable Tool for Police Enforcement

Speeding has been identified as one of the primary causes of road traffic accidents. In the US, two-thirds of traveling vehicles go beyond the speed limit, placing them at a greater risk of collisions resulting in injuries and death. Unfortunately, speeding drivers risk not only their lives but also those of their passengers and pedestrians.

Reducing driving speed is key to improving traffic safety on all types of roads. Police enforcement can utilize traffic calming measures like radar speed dollies that are reliable tools for increasing driver speed awareness and road safety.

How a Radar Speed Dolly Works

A radar speed dolly is a type of speed sign that is mounted on a dolly. One advantage of this tool is its portability, enabling easy relocation to areas where speeding is a concern. This traffic device features a series of LED lights that display an approaching vehicle’s speed. It also comes with an optional regulatory speed limit sign that reminds drivers of the desired speed they should be following.

Typically, radar speed dollies are positioned on roadsides with high numbers of speeding cases. Police officers place them there to alert drivers of their speed and get them to slow down.

Effectiveness of Speed Signs at Improving Traffic Safety

Studies show that speed signs effectively reduce the average speed and proportion of motorists exceeding the speed limit in high-traffic areas. These include transition, work, and school zones.

A report by the Western Transportation Institute in Montana supports the findings with these numbers:

  • A 20–25% reduction in speeding vehicles in South Dakota
  • A 10% percent decrease in average driving speeds in Santa Barbara, CA
  • A 24% reduction in the number of speeding truck drivers in work zones

Reducing driving speed can decrease fatality rates in car collisions. For example, the risk of a pedestrian being killed in a collision is almost five times lower at 30km/h than at 50 km/h.

Other Benefits of Using Radar Speed Dollies

Speed signs help address staffing and budget challenges. According to Capt. Randy Clark of the Vidalia Police Department in Georgia, “…As cars come in, drivers see the radar sign and they slow down. And, because we don’t have to keep an officer posted there all the time now, the signs solve a manpower issue, which also helps with budgeting—an important factor in this economy.”

Beyond that, speed signs can serve as an effective means of educating citizens. Flashing blue lights and speeding tickets can be intimidating for most drivers. With speed signs, officers can educate drivers, allowing them to correct their behavior before a ticket is warranted.

Premier-Quality Speed Measuring Equipment

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