SafePace Evolution 12 Radar Speed Sign


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Cost efficient, compact entry level sign designed to calm traffic with your budget in mind.

The Evolution 12 is ideal for private and gated communities , work sites, or low volume local roads, reminding drivers of their speeds and to encourage them to slow down.

These speed reminders are posted along with speed limit signs to remind motorist to observe the local speed limit laws.

The SafePace Evolution 12 offers a bright 12 inch LED digits (MUTCD approved) on this 3 digit display with speed activated multiple color changing digits to alert speeders.

Key Features:

• 1 Year cloud connectivity included
• Compact sign with smaller 12″ digits
• Affordable pricing
• Static Your Speed message
• Lightweight, compact design
• Energy efficient power options
• Dual-color LED display
• 3 digit display
• Diamond-grade sheeting available
• Strobe activation/deactivation available
You will know you are making a difference as All Evolution signs are web enabled and come with one year free access to the cloud. You can view detailed speed data from before and after you use your speed sign to track the difference it’s making in driver behavior.

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Weight 35 lbs

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