Sports Activities Your Family Can Enjoy in Your Backyard

What makes families happy? According to a recent survey, 48 percent of families said spending more time together gives them happiness and contentment. When asked what activity made their family happy, going on vacation was ranked first among parents and children. Trips to the zoo, museums, and playgrounds came in second while playing board or video games ranked third.

What if we told you that you can enjoy all of these without leaving your home? All you’d need are interactive branded sports inflatables and other sports products from Radar Sports, LLC.

Set Up Interactive Sports Inflatables

If leaving town is not feasible at the moment you can get creative and fill your backyard with unique, enjoyable activities that can make your children feel like they’re truly on a vacation. For example, you can purchase and set up one or more of our sports inflatables where your children can have fun as they practice their kicks, throws, putts, and bats — just like they would if they were in a summer sports camp.

Radar Sports LLC has a variety of sports inflatables for you to choose from. We have a Quarterback ChallengeGolf ChallengeBasketball JumperInflatable Foosball, and a Mini Hockey Rink.

What’s great about our interactive branded sports inflatables is that adults can play in them as well. Let the grown-ups in your family show the younger kids the ropes.

Have an Outdoor Picnic

On the day that you set up a sports inflatable, you can make it feel even more like a family sports camp by taking the grill, coolers, and speakers out into the yard. Play some music while the sausages sizzle on the grill and everyone is having a nice day out.

It’d be great if you could organize an outdoor picnic like this all the time, but there’s no need to sweat it. The beauty of having sports as the main activity for the day is you don’t need to overthink everything else. You can be spontaneous with the food and music and mini-games while everyone just has a great time.

Host Board Games and Inflatable Games for All Ages

Speaking of games that others can play, bring board games or less physically demanding games for members of the family who can’t bounce on the inflatables together with the kids.

We do have a ring toss and baseball pitch inflatable, which are perfect for the older adults and kids in your family. Everyone can test their accuracy and speed in tossing rings or throwing baseballs because you can pair these inflatables with a radar speed gun and LED scoreboard — all of which are available here at Radar Sports LLC.

A Purchase You Won’t Regret

When you own interactive branded sports inflatables, you can have these outdoor games and picnic days anytime your family wants to. Even better, you can rent them out and get back something extra from your purchase aside from the enjoyment that your family gets from playing with them.

Browse from our selection of inflatables and call 1-800-914-4008 to inquire about the price.

Get something that your family can enjoy together at Radar Sports, LLC.

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