SR3600 Radar Gun with 2 LED 8 Inch Display Boards Package


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The SR3600 Radar Gun with the 2 LED 8” Display Boards Package provides great

interactive feedback for skilled players in indoor baseball training facilities. The

SR3600 baseball training radar is a professional grade speed measuring device. Its

complex technology allows the user the ease of Point and Shoot operation. The

SR3600 sports radar gun offers the same technology as most professional level radar

guns and provides accuracy of +/- 1 MPH at an affordable price.

For speeds between 10 and 250 mph, the SR3600 delivers.

The SR 3600 will instantly deliver a signal to each of the two LED display boards

simultaneously. This allows players ,coaches , and all participants the ability to see

instant feedback .

These highly visible digital display boards offer 8” red LED numbers,and include 3

digits that are displayed. Each display board is 16.5” by 10.25” and easy to set up.

Included are two 25’ communication cables standard. Additional cables can be

purchased which will allow the signs to be displayed up to 200 ft. away from the gun.

This lets fans from all directions to view the speeds measured, at the same time.

The SR3600 radar gun with 2 LED display boards are very popular with baseball

showcase events .These showcases offer competitive baseball players the opportunity

to work out with baseball training equipment and at the same time show their pitching

skills to baseball scouts that are attending.

The SR3600 can be mounted on a standard tripod, uses AC power and has a Data Port

to allow information to flow into a laptop. All cables and a splitter are included to

make the SR3600 Radar Gun with 2 LED Display Boards an affordable way to bring the

thrill of speed to spectators, coaches, pit crews, racers and players.

Baseball, soccer, tennis and other ball related sports can use the SR3600 with 2 LED

Display package for coaching and motivation.

The optional Software CD will add to your training data this allows you to set up files,

track speeds, compare participant results , etc… all on your lap top via the RS232 port

built into the SR3600 radar gun.

This Sports Radar Gun and 2 Display board package is also a great tool for automobile

racing .. Easy to set up at go cart tracks, auto racing events, as well as ice hockey and

roller hockey arena’s.

Tennis courts utilize the easy set up of the 2 Digital display boards for all to see the

speed of the tennis serve.

Speed is thrilling. Let the SR3600 Radar Gun and Dual 8” Display Board Package inject

new thrills with accurate measurements and two highly visible to show it.

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Cody

    simple to use product… very large display makes it easy to see even in bright daylight.. friendly customer service as well.

  2. 04

    by Timmy

    Slightly on the bulky side for a radar gun, but this product gets the job done with efficiency. I love the dual-monitor displays. Great product.

  3. 04

    by Peter

    Awesome customer service… these guys definitely know what they are talking about regarding radar guns. really great experience all around

  4. 04

    by Oliver

    I run a hockey camp in the offseason. This bundle is great. I set up the displays behind the net on the outside of the rink and it will show the readings to all the coaches and parents in the stands. Great overall product.

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