Stalker Pro II+: Accuracy and Range at its Best

Stalker Pro II Radar Gun

Ball games require speed and precision, which is especially true about baseball. Due to developing technology and sports radar guns, we can collect data, develop leaderboards and create relevant strategies.

Engineers have used years of experience in baseball scouting to develop a radar like the Stalker Pro II+. This Sports radar gun is the choice of many professionals due to its high accuracy and versatility. Let’s look at what the Stalker Pro II+ offers and why it’s a leader in the market.

Stalker Pro II+ Basics Features

This sports radar is a new-generation radar in a class by itself. The rugged cast-metal exterior and fast processor make it an excellent option for all sports applications. Outstanding range, accuracy consistency, mobile applications, and use of personal proprietary programs are just some of the perks it offers.

This sensitive receiver/transmitter has modernized and miniaturized electronics. A speed of up to 800 miles/hour can be measured in moving objects. It is the best option for virtually any sport or activity involving speed measurements.

Range and Accuracy

Accuracy is often a problem with radar guns because capturing data on a moving object is challenging as many factors are involved. The Stalker Pro II+ is one of the most accurate ones on the market, with a +/- 3% reading.

The sophisticated digital signal processing algorithm and the 10-milliwatt transmitter allow the measurement of up to 300 feet. No other radar guns can claim the distance and the acquisition time of 10 milliseconds. Users can adjust the radar gun to any situation through the four-step sensitivity settings.

Mode types

The Stalker Pro II+ has four different internal settings that fit any target type:

  • Baseball mode – measures the batted ball, as well as the release and roll-down speed of a baseball pitch, all displayed at the same time. This is possible because it is a bi-directional radar.
  • Tennis mode – the bi-directional radar can track balls on either side of the court due to the wide beam width. It helps to measure the ball’s serve speed and decelerate the live speed.
  • Vehicle Mode – has proven powerful in measuring vehicles on land and water that are no more than two miles away. Unlike some radar guns, the Stalker Pro II+ filters out vehicles moving in the opposite direction.
  • Carnival Mode – attached to a backdrop, the Stalker Pro II+ can measure midway-game ball speeds from only several feet away.

Other Useful Information

The Stalker Pro II+ weighs 8 lbs and is 18 x 16 x 12 inches. The maximum clocking distance in case of unobstructed views is 500 feet for baseball and 1 3/4 miles for a vehicle. The Li-ion battery can withstand around 1 hour of transmitting time per charge.

The radar has a faster processor, a removable and rechargeable battery, a backlit LCD and keypad, and a 1200 VAC adapter. You will also get an RS-232 communication port, while an RS485 port is available upon special request.

Radar Sports: The Best USA-made Radars Dealer

Stalker Pro II+ is the sports radar gun ranking high among its competition. Choosing the suitable radar means getting the most accurate data; this is where Stalker Pro II+ can help the most.

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