Stalker Pro II+ Radar Gun: What Can You Use It For?

Stalker Sport, a trusted brand of sports radar guns, introduces the Stalker Pro II+. This high-performance radar gun can quickly and accurately measure the speed of anything — whether on land, water, or through the air. It can also report the velocity of objects traveling at supersonic speeds.

The Stalker Pro II+ improves on its earlier iteration. Now, the legendary Stalker Pro II radar gun, a favorite among baseball and tennis coaches, is equipped with wireless technology. The Stalker Pro II+ can communicate with scoreboards, speed displays, smartphone apps, and more. This feature eliminates complicated cable setups, giving teams one less thing to worry about during their training sessions.

On top of accuracy, the models in the Stalker Sport Pro II series are lauded for their versatility. Stalker Sport’s radar guns aren’t limited to sports; you can also use them for various purposes.

Read on to find out how versatile the Stalker Pro II+ is.


Stalker Sports radar guns are most popular among baseball players. The Pro II+, along with other models in the series, features a Baseball Mode setting, measuring the peak and plate speed of a pitch. It can also register the speed of a batted ball traveling in a direction opposite the pitch. The radar gun displays all three speeds at the same time.

The Baseball Mode has a 500-foot range, perfect for practicing full baseball runs.

The Pro II+ also has a Tennis Mode. The speed radar gun’s wide beam width tracks balls on any side of the court. It also measures the ball’s peak speed during serves and the decelerating live speed.

In tennis, measuring these ball speeds is critical to improving your game. It lets you identify and correct mistakes in your serve and ground strokes. You’ll also learn to control your ball speed better, keeping your opponent off balance.

The Stalker Pro II+ features a Carnival Mode as well. You can attach the radar gun to the side of a backdrop so that it measures the speed of balls thrown from a short distance. The Carnival mode is ideal for sports where objects have a short flight duration. Some examples are airsoft and paintball.

Moving Vehicles 

Another popular use of radar guns is measuring vehicle speeds. The Pro II+ has a Vehicle Mode that lets you time vehicles on land or water from up to two miles away. The speed radar gun is a directional radar. This means it locks in on your target, so it doesn’t accidentally track the speed of vehicles moving opposite to the direction you want to measure.

The Vehicle Mode is designed to measure targets for long periods, unlike the Baseball, Carnival, and Tennis modes that are ideal for objects that appear only for a short time. This setting has a “live speed” feature that shows you as the car decelerates and accelerates. The Vehicle Mode also records the peak speed of the car throughout its run.


Not many people know this, but you can also use sports radar guns for weather applications. Radar speed guns use the Doppler effect for measurements, which is also used in weather forecasting. Because of the accuracy of the Stalker Pro II+, it’s able to measure the wind speed and velocity on different kinds of weather, from regular gusty days to strong hurricanes.

If you’re interested in getting a Stalker Pro II+ for yourself, make sure to purchase one from an authorized dealer to guarantee the product’s quality and legitimacy.

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