Stalker Pro II SVR – Surface Velocity Radar Gun


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The Stalker Pro II SVR -Surface Velocity Radar Gun is the gold standard as a hand-held EVALUATION TOOL for water flow management and assessment.

Utilized to assist in dealing with the properties, distribution and circulation of water as related to Flow Assessment, Water Surface Velocity, and Water Discharge.


  • Flood Zones
  • Storm Water, Storm Drain management
  • Drainage System Assessment
  • River , Streams Flow
  • Sewer and Waste Management


Pro II Ideally Suited for Water Flow Measurement
The Pro II SVR features a rugged cast-metal exterior and the world’s most sensitive transmitter/receiver as well as miniaturized and modernized electronics. Its direction sensing software and updated algorithms position the Pro II as a new-generation radar ideal for the task of accurate and reliable water flow measurement. Moreover, the Pro II’s Ka Band performance measuring water flow is superior to the K Band used by some of its competitors’ radars.

Automatic Vertical Tilt Compensation
To make it better suited for the different elevated perspectives in comparing water flow at different times or locations, Stalker Radar engineers developed automatic vertical tilt compensation. Simply put, Stalker’s SVR automatically adjusts its speed reading based on the angle the radar points at the target flow. With a vertical angle accuracy of ±2° and vertical angle resolution of 1°, if an operator takes one reading pointing down at 45°, then takes another at 50°, both flow readings will be adjusted and directly comparable.

Wide Speed Range & Settings
The Stalker Pro II SVR has a speed range of 0.2 m/s to 18.0 m/s – from below 1 mph to over 40 mph – with an accuracy of ±0.1 m/s. And it measures in meters/second, feet/second, centimeters/second, miles per hour, and kilometers per hour.

Software Upgradeable
Utilizing a state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Stalker Pro II SVR provides a level of performance, convenience, and accuracy previously unavailable. The DSP performs the critical filtering and timing functions required for speed measurement in its software, as opposed to hardware. This provides less unit-to-unit variation, more reliable performance, and easier maintenance. One unique feature is that it can be upgraded in the future by simply installing new software, preventing obsolescence!

And a Lot More
Tilt compensation, settings’ range, and DSP, combined with direction sensitivity, horizontal angle adjustment, and 4 levels of sensitivity all make the Stalker Pro II SVR the new standard in water flow measurement.


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