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All new SVR3D – Surface Velocity Radar Gun –  

This next generation SVR allows scientists and hydrologists determine the surface velocity of water. Designed specifically to measure streams and rivers, the SVR 3D gives you precise speed measurement from a stationary position outside the body of water in real- time data.

Now lighter weight ( 1.8 lbs )  and smaller than any previous SVR model for ease of use.

Powered by a lithium Ion battery for longer periods of time between charges via a standard USB cable and the USB-C port.

Display Screen upgrades:

  • 2x the size ofd the prior SVR version
  • Can be viewed in bright sunlight even when the operator is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Face Panel

  • The face panel includes a 3-digit speed display and three buttons: menu, select, and power. Using the “menu” and “select” buttons you can control display backlighting, cosine correction, serial communication output mode, and high / low speed range settings.

Angle Correction

  • The SVR includes cosine error correction, allowing the unit to account for target angles not parrellel to the direction of water travel.
  • The SVR includes an internal sensor to detect vertical angle, and allows users to set horizontal angles to ensure accurate speeds.
  • Standard package includes… SVR Radar Gun,  Hard Carry Case,  Cigarette Plug Adapter , 6 AA Rechargeable Batteries, and  Battery Charger.

Key Features

  • Allows scientists to determine the surface velocity of water
  • Measurement- Feet per second or Meters per second
  • Includes cosine error correction ,allowing the unit to compensate for verticle angles
  • High and Low Speed selection
  • Accepts Tripod mounting
  • User friendly measurement and reading
  • Simple, more useable 5 digit display
  • Recall previous speed
  • Based on the Scout platform

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs

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