Swingin’ It: Improving Your Club Head Speed

Club head speed is important in the field. The higher the swing speed, the faster and farther the ball could go. Take professional long-distance golf drivers, for example. They have club head speeds of about 135 mph whereas an average everyday golfer’s averages at around 70-95 mph. If golf players want their swing speed to make their golf balls to hurtle past sports radar guns at record speeds, they need to improve their technique and stay fit.

Improving One’s Technique

It’s easy to think that increasing club head speed just means “swinging harder,” but increasing the force of your swing alone won’t do the trick. One must adjust his or her grip and form, too. This would not only improve club head speed but also eliminate slices and hooks.

An athlete should also practice releasing the club at the right moment, keeping their wrists hinged just until contact. Releasing the angle on the wrists too early would make the player throw the club, wasting energy. By releasing the wrists at just the last minute, the club head could achieve maximum speed and give the ball that last burst of energy to drive both its speed and distance.

Staying Fit

A fast swing needs a strong body, so players should squeeze in exercises whenever they’re not on the field. One should do basic torso routines that would strengthen the hips and chest, which are important for flexibility and play a large role in club head speed.

Players could also practice swinging a weighted golf club to strengthen the muscles and make them more comfortable at handling the club. The Golf Digest also recommends a physio-ball plank routine, which could improve the core’s stability and the hips’ mobility.

To make sure the club head speed training of players is effective, coaches need reliable data to work with. At Radar Sports, LLC, we provide the golf sports radar guns to help coaches and athletes monitor their ball speed and assess which techniques and practices are working.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you find a sports speed gun suitable for training.

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