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The All Sport Backstop is portable protection for any sport where the ball or puck flies. This heavy duty backstop is strong and durable, made with 1 5/8” steel tubing and heavy nylon netting. It offers a large amount of safety, being over 14 ½ feet long and 7 ½ feet tall.

Use it for a deck hockey game and it will stop the most powerful slap shot, that’s just off the net. In baseball, you can put it behind home plate to stop those errant throws and foul tips. Whatever the sport, the All Sport Backstop is the best way to insure safety and run a clean game.

While every proud parent encourages their young athletes to practice, practice, practice, no one wants their garage doors dinged with puck dents or baseballs flying into street. For the backyard, the driveway or an open field, use the All Sports Backstop to make your sports time better.


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