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The TC (Test Center) Timing System is a portable, dependable, wireless timing system for coaches and athletic programs. It can measure time, speed, count repetitions and input test data, saving it all in its enhanced memory. With accuracies of 1/1000 of a second, the TC Timing System will record and store valuable data on any sporting or training event.

The TC Timer uses the latest radio transmission and frequency technologies to offer dependable game day and practice service. It operates on 5 selectable radio channels so multiple systems can be used at one location. The results can be shown on its LCD display on 3 numeric lines, for split, split interval and cumulative data. The enhanced memory can handle 9 split intervals and 199 cumulative.

The TC Timer is a handheld device, with a wireless range of 1,000 ft. This motion start timer detects and transmits the athlete’s first motion. It then automatically records intervals, times and other data. These can be in the miles or meters per hour mode.

Your participant starts at the first gate and when he crossed the second gate your reading appears on the hand held unit with accurate measurements at your fingertips.

The TC Timer System includes the TC Timer, two TC photo grates, two tripods and a carrying bag. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Optional components include a hands free external Display board and the necessary USB cables.

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