Fast and On Target: Improving Your Slapshot Accuracy and Power

The slapshot is the most powerful shot in a hockey game. With this shot, a puck may reach speeds equal to or greater than 100 miles per hour (mph). The hardest (and fastest) slapshot on record is a blazing 109.2 mph.

Slapshots are easy to learn, but they take time to master. Simply hitting the puck as hard as you can doesn’t qualify as a powerful and precise hockey shot.  You’ll need the right techniques, as well as the right tools, like a professional-grade sports speed gun, to help you develop and execute a winning slapshot.

Follow these steps to refine your slapshot:

  1. Shift Your Weight Properly

Weight transfer is crucial to producing a powerful slapshot. Your body generates more power when you shift your weight from one area of your body to another. If you’re practicing a slapshot, train your body to seamlessly move the weight from your back leg to the front leg.

  1. Bend Your Knees

Amateur hockey players often make the mistake of executing a slapshot with straight legs. As a result, they’re unable to shift their weight properly and generate a powerful shot.

When positioning your body for a slapshot, bend your knees toward the direction of your shot. This technique enables you to push off with your back leg easily and produce a decent slapshot.

3. Perfect Your Arm Form

Accuracy is just as important as power. A powerful hockey shot won’t be worth it if you miss your target. When you want your slapshots to be precise, you’ll need to practice your arm form. This helps your shots to stay consistent every single time.

When doing a back swing for your slapshot, avoid positioning your arms like you’re swinging a golf club. You won’t be able to flex your hockey stick properly and produce a powerful shot with that posture. Instead, position and move your arms like a pendulum — straight back, then straight down. Keep practicing until you develop a consistent form.

  1. Use Your Hockey Stick Correctly

Your stick plays an important role in keeping your slapshots as accurate as possible. Make sure that you’re holding the stick in the right spot. Also, the hockey stick should cup or make contact with the ice or ground before hitting the puck.

  1. Use Hockey Practice Equipment

A sports radar gun and a shooting tarp are a couple of tools that can hone the speed and accuracy of your slapshots.

If you’re going to shoot pucks regularly, use a high-quality speed gun to know how fast your slapshots are going. Once you know your shot speed, adjust your technique or form as needed to help you generate more power to your shot.

When improving your accuracy, use a hockey tarp that contains the five target areas (the five-hole and the four corner holes of the hockey net). Target these holes when performing your slapshots.

Radar Sports, LLC offers speed radar guns, as well as hockey training equipment, to help you improve your shot speed and accuracy. With our extensive inventory of sports products, you’ll find the right equipment to hone your hockey skills and score goals on the rink.

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