Sports at Home: How Do You Keep the Kids Active during Quarantine?

Stay-at-home orders are common across the United States and around the world. And while the US and other countries are slowly relaxing these orders, it’s going to take a while before things fully return to normal. This means we have to practice social distancing for longer. It isn’t an easy adjustment for any of us, and it can be particularly frustrating for kids who are used to burning off their energy outside or in school.

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily equate to a sedentary lifestyle. Try limiting your children’s screen time and focus on activities that stimulate their physical well-being and creativity. Rather than letting the kids watch TV or play video games all day, get creative with sports in your backyard.

For Sports Lovers and the Not-So-Sporty

Sports inflatables aren’t just for birthday parties, social gatherings, and special occasions. While social distancing is implemented and large gatherings are prohibited, interactive inflatable games are a great way to keep your kids physically active. It prevents them from getting bored or irritable.

There are different types of inflatables to match your kids’ interest:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

Even if your children aren’t inclined toward any of these sports, they’re sure to have a good time playing in the inflatables. It might even cause them to discover a passion for a specific game.

Make these inflatables even more enjoyable for the kids by using them as a reward. Now is the time to teach them about household responsibilities so you might consider allowing them to play only after they finish their household chores. Don’t hesitate to join them, either. They would enjoy it even more when you do.

These inflatables wouldn’t be in your backyard forever, though. Eventually, you might want to consider renting them out to friends and neighbors. It’s a win-win situation, really.

For Baseball and Softball Enthusiasts

If there’s one sport that exhibits social distancing, it’s baseball — except for when fielders rush to tag the batter or other runners, that is. High school, college, and major league baseball diamonds have a 90-feet baseline, for example, while Little League fields have a safe 60-feet baseline.

This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to play the game during the quarantine period.

It’s understandable if your baseball or softball-loving kid feels down because they can’t be out on the field. They don’t have to stop practicing their pitches and improving their swings, though. You can set up a makeshift training area for them in the backyard using any of these equipment:

  • Batting cages
  • Pitching cages
  • Pitching machines
  • Pitching mounds
  • Speed radar guns

There’s no reason to give up their favorite game or get rusty just because they currently can’t be on the diamond. They can develop their batting technique and pitching strategies in the safety of your yard.

Combine this physical activity with balanced eating and a good night’s sleep. Your children might feel restless for staying at home for a prolonged period but a healthy daily routine helps reduce their stress.

Keep your kids active at home. Contact us for inquiries about sports inflatables and equipment.

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