NOPTIC Thermal Imaging Camera


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Weighs less than 1 lb. and has a built in thermostat and heating filament for an operational range of -40 deg. – 176deg F. Unit has built-in video recording and picture taking capability. Its range is your visible range. Mounted on your vehicle’s spotlight, the NOPTIC is ALWAYS ready when you need immediate tactical or surveillance capability. No more wishing you had better ability to see at night, no more fumbling for a thermal camera that is back at the station or buried in the trunk under your other emergency gear. Locate your subject easily; see them hiding in the bushes.

Let them think they are hiding while you are watching. System comes complete; all you need is a Windows based computer or tablet that has an available USB port. Whether Law Enforcement, Railroad Police, surveillance, perimeter security; ask us about how NOPTIC can work for you. Click here to see how a NJ PD nabbed a car thief Gloucester PD uses NOPTIC to arrest car thief.

Click on these two links to see just how effective the NOPTIC camera is vs. the spotlight:


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Weight 6 lbs

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