SR3600 Radar Gun with LED 18″ Display Board Package


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Sports Radar SR3600 Radar Gun with LED 18″ Display Board Package

The Largest Display Board now at Radar Sports


The Sports Radar SR3600 Display Board Package with the Large 18” LED digital

Display board offers participation for everyone involved in the game.

For the players and coaches, it provides accurate speed measurements on

anything that moves; baseball speed, soccer kick speed, hockey shots,tennis

serve speed , lacrosse shot speed, car speed. For the fans, it displays speeds in

huge 18” red illuminated LED digits. For race car drivers and their spectators,

speeds up to 250 mph will be posted for everyone to see.


The SR3600 is a high precision speed measurement device, used by law

enforcement, sports enthusiasts and coaches. From the field to the roadside,

the SR3600 is accurate to +/- 1 mph. It can be used on a tripod or held

effortlessly in your hand. An RS 232 Data Port can transfer readings to a laptop

and a wall AC adaptor provides power or by an optional portable battery pack.

The 18” LED display board makes this package special, offering high visibility

and accurate readings for all to see. The electronic board measures 26 1/2” by

12 1/2” ( 3/4” in depth ) and is tripod mountable or can be hung by the already

installed clips. A 25 ft. communication cable links the SR3600 to the display



As an added dimension , you can purchase up to four 18 inch display board, to

display the speed at the same time on all.

With every shot, pitch or car racing by, the SR3600 and the Display Board

provides excitement and new thrills.

If speed is important, the SR3600 Display Board Package is the professional way

to measure and display.

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