SR3600 Sports Radar Gun


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  • Simple to use.
  • Light Weight only 1 lb.
  • High Impact Polimer Housing.
  • High Impact Construction.
  • Standard Tripod Mountable.
  • Operates on X band at 10.525 ghz.
  • Needs no recalibration with normal use.
  • Will Clock Bat Swing Speed.
  • Trigger or Continuous Mode.
  • Tripod Mountable
  • Powered by two 9 volt batteries.
  • RS 232 Included.
  • Battery Life , trigger mode – 20 hours , continous mode – 2 hours.
  • MPH or KPH selection.
  • Speed range from 10 MPH to over 255 MPH ( 16 – 402 KPH).
  • Distance Range Sports-up to 60 ft. balls/pucks NEW FEATURE.
  • Distance Range Automobiles – up to 1200 ft NEW FEATURE.
  • One Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Guaranteed New not Refurbished.


  • Low speed measurement of 2 MPH +.
  • For upgrade call to purchase 800-914-4008.

Check this out:

Springfield High School in Holland Ohio
Rocket Car Testing using the SR 3600 radar gun

The SR3600 Sports Radar Gun is a highly accurate speed measurement instrument with professional results. Whether it is for baseball, softball, car racing, tennis, soccer or even hockey just aim and pull the trigger. Within milliseconds, the SR3600 Radar Gun gives you an accurate speed between 10 and 250 miles per hour. This radar gun offers dual direction sensing allowing the target to come towards you or away from you.. The SR3600 radar gun will accurately measure the speed of any object with a distance range of 60 ft for a baseball to 1200 feet for an automobile. As you target gets larger , no matter what the object ,the range or distance from which you can get a reading grows.

Customized software, sophisticated algorithms and the highly sensitive transmitter/receiver make the SR3600 accurate to 1 mph. The SR3600 sports radar gun will also read and display in KmH. The radar gun can be mounted on a tripod and placed in the trigger or continuous mode, powered by 2 9V batteries or an AC adaptor. This offers 20 hours of trigger operation of 4 hours of constant use.

The SR3600 operates on the X Band, at 10.525 ghz. For balls and pucks, an effective range is 60 feet and for cars and large vehicles it measures accurately at 1,200 feet.

The SR3600 Radar Gun is a precision teaching tool, accurate, portable and easy to use. There is no recalibration for normal use, comes with a full year manufacturer’s warranty . Its high impact polymer housing makes it durable in all environments. The SR3600 Radar Gun is at home on the baseball diamond or the race track, tennis court or the hockey rink.

If the question is how fast it’s going, the answer is the SR3600 Radar Gun.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in
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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Carry

    Very cool looking radar gun that delivers quality results. Picks up the puck speed from virtually anywhere with a clear view. Great value

  2. 02

    by Radar Sports

    excellent product! Love my SR3600!

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