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NEW – Capture THE SPIN RATE of a pitch

The Stalker Pro ll s  – first of its kind ,baseball radar gun that measures baseball speed and now spin rate.

Capture the Spin Rate along with Peak and Across -the -Plate velocity ,all displayed on a single window of this hand held sports radar gun.

No delay , no estimations, all in a simple measurement from this baseball radar gun

A must baseball radar gun for all coaches and players.


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The newest – State of the Art – Hand Held Radar Gun from Stalker Sport.

The Stalker Pro lls – Now you can not only measure the VELOCITY , but the SPIN RATE OF the pitch.

                    This new technology allows all baseball coaches and players the highest level of

                                                        analytics to maximize pitching goals.

Wireless Connectivity-

You can now capture and own your data.

Transmit data wirelessly in a non-proprietary data stream.

Data can also stream to scoreboards, speed display signs, mobile applications, or your own proprietary programs.

Hand-Held spin rate technology is a Patent-Pending property of Stalker Radar.







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