The TruCAM LTI 20/20

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The TruCam LTI 20/20 is the ultimate innovation in recording speed and movement, combining video, laser and GPS technology into one hand held unit.

For law enforcement officials, TruCam is the only handheld laser video camera that offers a complete chain of evidence, ready for any court of law.

With TruCam on their side, traffic enforcement officers can;

Measure and record speed.
Capture video and photographic evidence of tailgating and other moving violations

Identify and record vehicle model and make, license plate, location and even facial characteristics of the driver

Provide data into a Geographic Information System detailing GPS coordinates and other traffic information.

LIT patented technology allows TruCam to measure the time and distances between cars and back it all up with video and photographic evidence.

Its circuitry defeats jam detectors and offers data encryption for cyber safety.

In the world of research, reliable, visual data is critical. Scientists now can record visually and with verifiable speed data their experiments and trials.

TruCam offers 6 different modes of operation:

Auto Mode – This is an automated mode with speed data recording and video imaging.

Rear Plate Mode – This is a mode customized for traffic enforcement purposes. It is designed to measure the speed of motorcycles and other vehicles with only a rear plate. A chain of evidence is stored, including the license plate number.

Weather Mode – This allows TruCam to work well in the rain, snow or light fog.

Video Only Mode – Instant video recording captures every motion, movement and visual detail.

Dual Speed Mode (optional upgrade for traffic enforcement purposes) – This mode differentiates between passenger cars and commercial vehicles, automatically applying the pre-set speed limits which apply.

Distance Between Vehicles Mode (optional upgrade for traffic enforcement purposes) – TruCam can measure the speed, traveling times and distance between two vehicles, for “Following too closely” violations.

TruCam LTI 20/20 is the speed measurement tool professional depend upon. Aim, shoot, measure and record. See and know the results. TruCam does it all in one reliable device.

  • Auto Mode
    This mode combines automated traffic enforcement with video and license plate number imaging. Use as a mobile deployment or a fixed installation system.
  • Rear Plate Mode
    For motorcycles or other vehicles only displaying a rear license plate, you can measure the speed and maintain a chain of evidence until the rear license plate is captured.
  • Weather Mode
    This mode enables you to enforce speeds in rain, snow and light fog.
  • Video Only Mode
    Instantly capture video of violations, such as: blocking traffic, failure to wear a safety belt and misuse of HOV lanes.
  • Dual Speed Mode (Optional Upgrade)
    This mode can automatically differentiate between cars and commercial trucks and apply the correct preset speed limit.
  • Distance Between Vehicles Mode (Optional Upgrade)
    For “Following Too Closely” violations, this mode can measure the speed, traveling time and distance between two vehicles.

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