Speed and Radar Guns for Police and Traffic Enforcement

Ever since the introduction and advancement of radar gun technology, law enforcement officials have been able to use radar guns to assess whether a vehicle is within the speed limit. Police radar guns have been instrumental in keeping communities and highways safe from speeding vehicles.

Because police use this equipment to catch offenders, they need very precise readings in order to enforce the law properly. Radar Sports is proud to offer a variety of police speed guns that range from the traditional Ka-band Doppler radar guns, to directional radar and the more advanced LIDAR guns.Directional radar guns, like the Genesis Handheld, provide law enforcement officials with a way to not only detect the speed of a vehicle, but also to tell whether a vehicle is approaching or moving away from the police. The Genesis Handheld accomplishes this with Direction Sensing Technology in a K-Band Antenna and a 32-Bit DSP for Fast Target Acquisition.

LIDAR stands for light radar, and is a type of velocity measurement technology that uses pulsed light instead of radar. This has plenty of advantages over traditional radio signals: LIDAR guns have a much narrower beam divergence, which makes it easier to target individual vehicles, and some laser radar gun models can even take photos of a target vehicle’s license plate.

One of the most powerful models of LIDAR guns is the Dragoneye Speed LIDAR, a state-of-the-art speed gun that uses advanced Light Detection and Ranging technology to capture and record the velocity of vehicles, regardless of weather conditions. Dragoneye Speed LIDAR also comes with anti-jamming capabilities, making it impossible for would-be criminals from escaping or evading the law.

Equip your precinct’s mobile fleet with these advanced pieces of tech, and help keep our roads and highways safe from aggressive drivers. Order your very own laser speed gun or directional radar gun today by getting in touch with us through our contact page.

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