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The SR3800  is an affordable Pro Level radar gun ideal for sports training.

New Feature – Will clock a moving object from 1 MPH with modification. ( Call 1-800-914-4008 to order )

Just point and shoot.

Accurately reads ball and swing speeds for all sports including baseball, softball, hockey, golf, tennis,bowling, dodgeball, cricket, racquet ball as well as auto racing and more.

Other applications include – Fork lift safety, Rail Road Hump Yards, Gated Communities and many others….

Key Features:

  • Pitch or Plate Speed – Fastest Speed , or Fastest and Plate Speed.
  • Noise Filter – reduces unwanted readings from interference
  • Units either MPH or KPH
  • Display delay readings select slow(2.5 seconds) or fast (0.5 seconds)
  • Low Speed Range of  10- 250 MPH
  • Range- 130 feet on balls ( typical result)
  • Accuracy 1 mPH +/-3%
  • Trigger or Continous mode of operation
  • Tripod mountable
  • Data Port
  • Weight 0.85 Lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty





When speed is an issue, the SR 3800 Radar Gun can settle the case. This cordless hand held radar gun has the features to make this a quality measurement tool and a valuable piece of coaching equipment.Accuracy is built in, giving you a speed range of 10 to 250 miles per hour, plus or minus 1 mph.

You now can order the SR3800 with a optional modification to clock as low as 1 MPH. This new feature must be ordered by calling – 1-800-914-4008.

There are settings providing either Trigger or Continuous modes, which can read up to two speeds per second. Pitch, plate and fastest speed measurements can be attained up to 120 feet away on the size of a baseball , even through a chain link fence.

The Display Speed Mode offers either Pitch and Plate Speeds or Fastest Speed only. Within the set up mode , you can also switch to measure in Km/H as well.

The latest technology allows you to filter out noise. The Range Factor setting can further enhance the SR 3800  reliability by limiting the range that a target can be read ,helping to removing unwanted readings due to interference.

This radar gun can be set up on a tripod for hands free operation and can easily clock cars from over 1200 feet away.

Whatever the purpose, if accuracy, dependability and portability is wanted, a SR3800 Sports Radar Gun can deliver quality measurements for hours. This lightweight ( 1 lb ) sports radar gun operates with two standard 9V batteries (not included) or can be powered by an external power cord.

The SR3800 has features more expensive guns have to offer. An included RS 232 Data Port allows you to download speeds to digital displays or laptops. Controls are easy to master, allowing the SR3800 Sports Radar Gun to become a high quality Point and Shoot Radar Gun.

The SR3800 is a key training tool as a Hockey Radar, Tennis Radar, Soccer Radar , Lacrosse Radar, and Softball Radar Gun. As a Hockey Radar Gun the SR3800 can offer you the speed just off the stick blade as well as the speed when it reaches the goal. This enhances hockey training data as speed is at its peak when the puck comes off the stick.

The SR3800 radar gun is not only utilized by sports applications. This multi functional ,professional level radar gun , clocks vehicle speeds by offering a distance range of 1200 ft on the object the size of a moving vehicle. The SR3800 can track speeds of vehicles either coming towards or away from the radar gun .  a big deal when an affordable radar gun can offer this kind of performance. A great deal to own one of your own.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 7 in

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